Welcome Back!

The 2017-2018 school year is well underway and the Glenbard North Music Boosters would like to welcome our music students back to school with a Pool Party!

Who: Any Glenbard North music student in choir or band.

What to bring: Please bring $3.00 to help defray the costs.

Where: Coral Cove Water Park at Simkus Recreation Center, corner of Lies & County Farm in Carol Stream.

When: Friday, August 18, 2017 from 7:15pm to  9:15pm

Why: Because we love our music students!

We hope to see you there,

Sue Loster

President, Glenbard North Music Boosters

Parade Notes

For those volunteering to march with the band at the Carol Stream 4th of July Parade:

Arrive at 8:30 a.m. at Door #2.

If you decide to park your vehicle in the main parking lot off of Lies Road, be aware that you may not be able to leave immediately after returning to your car.  Last year we had to wait until Lies Road was re-opened following the conclusion of the parade.

Kathie Bender has once again graciously offered to bring bagels to nourish the kids before they go out marching.  We will help serve and clean up afterwards before walking over to Simkus to queue up with the band.  Please make sure you also eat and hydrate.  The weather looks like a decent day in the mid-80’s, but we will be prepared to take care of our kids no matter what!

If you have volunteered to park a vehicle at Town Center to help shuttle instruments back to Glenbard North after the parade, please see Kelly Sheridan’s email for instructions.

See you on Tuesday!

Volunteer Call: 4th of July Parade

Hello Music Boosters!

As my last official act as your President and the first official act of new President Sue Loster, we both request some volunteers!

Who:  Anyone in town on the 4th of July

What:  Volunteer to march with the Marching Band keeping our kids cool and hydrated

Where:  Meet somewhere around Glenbard North (because of the construction prohibiting use of the band room, we are not sure exactly where we are meeting at this point in time).

When:  Approximately 8:30 am on July 4th

Why:  Because we love our kids!

We are also looking for two people with minivans to park at Town Center before the parade starts for transporting of instruments back to Glenbard North after the parade ends.

As always, please email: president@gbnmusic.org if you are able to help out our kids.

If you haven’t done this yet, we highly encourage it.  Watching the faces of the parade spectators as they realize our awesome marching band is approaching is always priceless!


Sue Loster & Dave Creighton

Incoming & outgoing Glenbard North Music Booster Presidents

End Of The Year Picnic!

Hello Boosters!

Well, we made it through another year.  For some of us for the last time (don’t get out the tissues just yet, this isn’t that kind of post..)  So we’re going to CELEBRATE!!!

WHO:  You and every music student

WHAT:  The annual End-Of-The-Year Picnic

WHERE:  Hampe Park on Lies Road

WHEN:  We will begin setting up at 10:00 am, the kids will arrive when they are finished with classes and the party will rock until about 2:00 pm.

WHY:  Because our kids ROCK!!!!

P.S.  We are still in need of one more gas grill to cook the burgers and dogs.  Please let me know if you can help by emailing president@gbnmusic.org


Dave Creighton

President, Glenbard North Music Boosters


Looking Back…

On Tuesday evening your lame duck President (me!) and your healthy duck President (Sue Loster!) with some help from Sue Gross, Tara Peters and Kelly Sheridan visited Jay Stream Middle School for their Spring Concert to begin spreading the word to incoming Freshman parents about the Music Boosters.  We repeated our efforts last evening at the Stratford Middle School Spring Concert.  Our busy week culminated with the Spring Concert at Glenbard North this evening.

After having heard just about every instrument playing student between the ages of 11 and 18 in the Glenbard North communities perform over the past three days I am blown away by not only the number of kids in our music programs but the talent that is being cultivated by Mrs. Dandeles at Jay Stream, Mrs. Steinke at Stratford, Mrs. Savino at both middle schools and Miss Whisnant here at GBN.

I remember my son’s first performance back at Heritage Lakes School in 5th grade under the guidance of former District 93 teacher Alice Brown.  It wasn’t a concert.  Instead, Mrs. Brown had the kids play either solos or ensembles to a room filled with nervous parents and grandparents.  How could she do this?  Was she trying to scar these kids for life?  Oh please don’t let them screw up too bad!!!  These were the thoughts going through my head as the first kids sat down to play.  And guess what happened?  They screwed up.  Some of them screwed up pretty badly.  They missed notes, they missed beats, they played too loud or too soft, but they kept playing.  Nobody cried, nobody ran away, nobody threw their instruments against the wall.  They kept playing.  Before long I understood.  I emailed Mrs. Brown the next day telling her how much I enjoyed the performances.  I asked her to tell the kids that I loved every wrong note and missed beat and how proud I was of them because they kept playing.

Tonight some of those kids in that room, along with other kids in other rooms at other schools played their last concert at Glenbard North.  Last week the senior choir kids sang their last concert.  They all kept making mistakes.  They all kept singing or playing.  And now, after all those wrong notes and missed beats, they all make beautiful music.

Dave Creighton