President’s Letter

On July 4th the Glenbard North Marching Band took to the streets of Carol Stream for the annual Independence Day Parade.  As the Marching Band began their procession, a lone drum beat turned to a quick cadence announcing it was time for the band to play.  As the music started, I turned to my right and saw a woman, her face beaming with joy at the sight and sound of the band.  I was there with my fellow Music Boosters to help keep the kids cool and watch out for any heat exhaustion.  As I marched along side the kids, spray bottle in hand, I thought about that woman’s joy.  What would an Independence Day parade be without a marching band?  I thought about our kids being a part of that great American tradition that’s been happening every year in hundreds of communities across the United States for over two-hundred years.

As your new Music Booster President, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our music program at Glenbard North.  My son is a senior now, and I have the unique perspective of watching my daughter, entering sixth grade, at the beginning of her musical education.  When I watch my daughter play, I am reminded of where my son began.  When I watch my son play, I get a glimpse of where my daughter will be.  Behind all of that are the wonderful teachers in elementary and middle school, and of course our exceptional teachers, Ms. Whisnant and Mrs. Johnson here at Glenbard North.  I continue to marvel at the passion and dedication they bring to our music program and am grateful for it.

There is something special going on at Glenbard North.  It sings and plays at concerts, athletic events, musicals, plays and of course parades!  It inspires our kids to greater heights and binds them to lasting friendships.  It is a proud symbol of our Glenbard North community and we invite you to become a part of it by joining the Glenbard North Music Boosters.

Dave Creighton

Glenbard North Music Booster President