Parade Notes

For those volunteering to march with the band at the Carol Stream 4th of July Parade:

Arrive at 8:30 a.m. at Door #2.

If you decide to park your vehicle in the main parking lot off of Lies Road, be aware that you may not be able to leave immediately after returning to your car.  Last year we had to wait until Lies Road was re-opened following the conclusion of the parade.

Kathie Bender has once again graciously offered to bring bagels to nourish the kids before they go out marching.  We will help serve and clean up afterwards before walking over to Simkus to queue up with the band.  Please make sure you also eat and hydrate.  The weather looks like a decent day in the mid-80’s, but we will be prepared to take care of our kids no matter what!

If you have volunteered to park a vehicle at Town Center to help shuttle instruments back to Glenbard North after the parade, please see Kelly Sheridan’s email for instructions.

See you on Tuesday!