2016 July 4th Marching Panthers Volunteers

Calling all parent volunteers. We need your help with this year’s July 4th parade in Carol Stream. If interested, please click “2016 July 4th Volunteer” to send an email to Andy Kanturek so he can get a head count.
For your information, the following describes the needs for Monday’s, July 4th parade:

Marching Spritzing Volunteers:
  1. Meet at GN at 9 am in the band room.
  2. Receive a T-Shirt.
    • Please wear black shorts and comfortable tennis shoes. We will match the band.
  3. Receive a provided squirt bottle.
    • You will be keeping the students hydrated during the parade.
  4. Walk with the band from GN to Simkus before parade starts.
  5. March the parade with students.
    • Keep them hydrated by spritzing them.
    • Look for untied shoe laces.
    • Watch for stressed student.
      • If found, pull them to the side and have them sit out.
      • We will have water and wet towels to help them cope with heat.
      • Parade Marshal volunteers will be available for medical attention.
  6. At the end of parade, coolers with iced water bottles will be provided. Please, help yourself.
  7. Help clean up empty water bottles.
  8. Help load large instruments into vans to be taken back to GN.
Van Drivers:
  1. By 8:30 am, park you vehicle at end of parade in Ross Ferraro Town Center parking lot.
    • NOTE1: We might be able to park on maintenance path off of Fountain View Drive.
    • NOTE2: Make sure you get to parking lot early because Lies Road will be blocked off before parade which starts at 10 am.
  2. Be at your vehicle after GN Marching Panthers have finished parade.
    • NOTE1: GN Marching Panthers will be at the end of the parade before the parade is finished. Make sure you are there before they finish.
    • NOTE2: Usually, GN Marching Panthers are towards the front of the parade. But, that may change. Be prepared.
  3. Load large instruments and students who will be going back to GN.
  4. Go back to GN. The following is the route you must take because the parade will be still be in progress because Lies Road will be blocked off.
    1. Exit Ross Ferraro Town Center Parking lot towards Gary Ave
    2. Turn right on N Gary Ave
    3. Turn right on W Elk Trail
    4. Turn left on to Idaho St
    5. Turn right on to Flint Trail
    6. Turn left on to Deerskin Trail
    7. Turn right on to Kuhn Rd
    8. Turn left into GN HS parking lot.
    9. Students and instruments can enter School at entrance 8
Again, thank you for volunteering. With your help, the parade for GN Marching Panthers will go smoothly.
For more info on Carol Stream July 4 parade, go to http://www.carolstreamparade.com