2016-2017 Band Auditions

ALL current Glenbard North band students (except for Seniors) will be REQUIRED to perform placement audition material for next year’s bands. This will serve to place students into the correct band for their ability level and as an assessment for their progress in class. They will be expected to play their placement music for Ms. Whisnant LIVE between March 1st and 3rd and no later than Friday March 4th.

Graduating middle school students coming to Glenbard North next fall and who want to be in band can optionally audition, but are strongly encouraged to do so to be placed in the proper band.  They can video record their audition and send a DVD with their performance to:

Glenbard North High School
Attn:  Ms. Lauren Whisnant
990 Kuhn R.
Carol Stream, IL 60188


NOTE!  Failure to audition will cause student to be placed in Concert Band II missing out on being in marching band in the fall.

Please contact Ms. Lauren Whisnant with any audition questions via:

The following are the audition materials for download: